Wednesday, July 29, 2009

yo yo mama

Last night, I had a little Too much vino. I decided (because I am a crazy) to go over to the home of a new friend of mine.

He Also happens to be a well known concert violinist:

When I Got To his place, I felt like hearing some music. So I Asked him to play for me, and he did, beautifully.

OH yes he played, and I am thinking that he is prob. a little nutso, because I :
A. Kept Calling his violin a guitar. ...mmm yah....easy mistake right? There both wood. Thats all I got.
B.) Asked him to play motley Crue's "Shout out at the devil"
b) Oh yes, and I got mad at him because he didnt know it, slurring out of my pie hole " friggggen wha kind oooo guitaarist, ooo sorry, jelloist (possibly trying to say chelloist)are you liiiiar!"
C. Forgot his name, so just called him "Waffles" for the rest of the night.

O, and I looked like this

IN Conclusion, a fun night had by all!! (and by all I mean only me)

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