Saturday, February 28, 2009

I love you European Vacation

Best Quotes: "That is where the queen works and lives."
Rusty: What is it that she does dad?"
Dad: "she Queens, ....and vacuums.

Clark W. Grizzwald: Look kids, Big Bend, Parliament," HAHAHA heeee (silently going crazy.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009 step up from jockey...jockey is one step up from midget......
so....Zelda...TWO steps up from midget!

bad day babby otter...

I had to post this, because those of you who know me know that the red car is my EXACT car (make, model, year, color) And This is something that I would most likely accomplish while .....lets say posting this blog while driving (which I am doing at this moment)

take me in now

Yep I will raise my children as bears, pink birds and seals. It is exciting for me to find these costumes, so I can finally put my plan into effect.

Yes??Is this the "pant" you were talking about? Magnificent! Glorious! I cannot wait to see them in gold!!

I Have no idea what scary website I plucked this picture from, all I know is under it was a quote from this man:
"yes, these are my belly dancing pants, they make my butt look good, no?" "tee hee, you so silly."

I just got a chill

my first fashion blog yayyy :(

I have nothing to say .....wait now I do..............he looks silly. that is all

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please stop throwing Lawn Furniture on my patio

Really Lesbians?? Really next door lesbians?
How can it be possible to have a. the most ANNOYING/loud voices EVER b. How could ANYTHING be that funny EVVVVER???? What are you laughing at? DiD you shave your cat? Did ya? Does Kittymcfattyfluff look like this??

If the Answer is yes...then laugh....laugh Lesbians! laugh like you never had daddy issues and fo-hawks never went out of style.

Someone find a way to put these cupcakes in my belly now.
Hands down, the best cupcakes I have seen in years....sniff sniff

I has a sleep

Good night !
See you guys tomorrow!

Monday, February 23, 2009

a sorry

Sorry I had to put a picture of your dad on my blog. :(

Finally, an artist that can make a funny

Edgar Muller Painted these amazing street works of art using acrylics, brushes and a crap shit of time...
They look so realistic, that people will actually avoid walking in the painted "gaps"
Humor in art is the best...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I curse my childhood...Why was this not invented?
Oh....look real close. Do these boys have TWO daddy's?

Look at his face.. look at his little cat eyebrows. look at them! merrrreowww?

but please

Nothing to do with this post, but who out there (my mom and sister) (only people that read this) has seen the movie Fear?
wooooo.....if that is not my ex boyfriend from high school I don;t know who is.
Estr 4 EVA!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009


This is what I assume was going on last night at my neighbors. Picture this, instead of nice jewish boys, old mean lesbians. Exact same clothes though.....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It is sad that I get pleasure out of the infirmities of animals......but..... Where are his little hands? where are his Little bunny hands? Where are you guys?
The least I can do is give him little bunny eyes so he can see his miserable little fluffy condition.
Make custom Glitter Graphics

I wanted to let all of you(all two of you if that) that read this, that I am sensitive to the fact that it looks like a butt with eyes.
Thats ok, At least this little guy can see now (all of your scorn)

and you puck up your lips like dis

I googled schmoo, and i got this. It looks like it is saying schmooooo.....It also looks like it had dreadlocks. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From the sound of it, this is the exact party that my neighbors are having. I can actually hear hawaiian shirts ( I have a gift) (they also give off a high pitched ring, you can only hear when trying to sleep)

prickley little schmoo

What is the point of you little hog? I want to snuggle you , but I cant. I will get your little quillikens stuck in my skin.

maybe they wont notice.....

Cake Decorator: And here is your cake! YAY!
MOM: Um....
Cake Decorator: Please tell your child to stop Sobbing, YAY!
Mom:Is this a joke?
Cake Decorator: It is an expression of acceptance!! Isn't that FREE! YAY!!
(later that night)Mom to child: Stop sobbing, and eat your Butch lesbian/Drag king cake.

I believe this is a picture of two slugs.
That is all

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look at him....and his little fluffy fur. and his fluffy face. and his little one paw crossed over the other like he is twirling his little otter thumbs.
I have done it! I actually found water that was cute! ha! take that people who think I am crazy!! Do crazy people think water is cute! NO ....maybe..........excuse me I am going to snuggle with my faucet. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents day.....The people who made this flag of (Yes its freaken cupcakes) Are most likely the only people who actually are doing something semi patriotic. The rest of us are squatting in our trash accumulated from the weekend watching rock of love bus. 
My research for the beautiful pictures below caused me to stumble across this little beauuuty. can actually BE hakeam!!! From the movie!! (well not you, because I will be Hakeam,For Halloween, or just, you know for fun... so if you did this I would call you a follower and make you cry.)YES! IN THE FACE! 

Coming to America: Or The Best Movie EVA!

I just wanted to remind you all (the two people who actually read this blog) About the best movie ever to grace the viewing eyes of the public. 

Example A: "when you think of garbage, think of hakeam."
Example B: Hakeam:"In the Face!! Yes IN the face!
Soul Glow guy: "What are you yelling at? Its Half time?"
Hakeam: "Yes, That is my favorite time of the game!"
HAHAHAHAHAHAH, I watch this movie in my head every day.....
Example C: See Below, Sexual Chocolate. 
Old man number 1: "this band is good!"
Old man number 2: "Good and terrible!"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

PUT us in the microwave!! 
....see what happens.....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

telling us so we know.....

This girl is "sexy" and I love her! YAY I wish the whole world had blingee instructions. 
Have no Idea who this is...but I wish I did

Friday, February 13, 2009

a little math

Feathers +

Wise Wang +

The Golden Girls

Hello kitty Drag 

_ (minus)
Disapproving kitteh