Monday, August 17, 2009

Adventures of Baby Otter...Saturday night edition....

How can one Explain this saturday......ahhhuuhhh....

So I started out the afternoon at a party like this; except, we were in a pool of foggy soup/ beer piss.
And.....ended up at a party like this
So ..... I was still acting like I was at the first party:LIke this...when I should have been acting like this:so ...basically this was the party in my head;

the night went as so; I went around closing everyone's music like a little prancing beer fairy, and yelling at them to play some sort of jazz/ country hybrid.
"play from your heart",(I yelled) YOur heart and my ORDERS! NOW!

. I did however make friends with the owners dog ....(if you consider "friends" people that chase you around the house yelling "come here Professor mc fluffy pants the third, i will have your little doggie soul as miown! get me a beer professor mc fluffy pants the third!".)

recap; I am now the self proclaimed beer fairy of the southern half of a small part of houston!

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