Thursday, September 10, 2009

I just googled, "support groups for people who pick there nose too much"

AnD I found this little gem of a quiz,

Do you need help? take this and find out :(

1) I can’t go a day without having a finger in my nose.
2) Sometimes I have to pick so bad that I don’t care where I am and whose watching.
3)I still choose to use my finger even though I have tissue present and the option to blow.
4) I enjoy the physical sensation of having a finger up my nose.
5)I greatly enjoy the texture and appearances of my boogers and sometimes enjoy playing wi
th them before flicking them away.
6)I fantasize about eating or do already eat the fruits of my nose harvests.
7) I have proficiently mastered the use of all my fingers for my digs.
8) Whenever I am in my car, I fall into the magical thinking pattern and believe no one can see me picking even though they are looking directly at me.
9) Others find my nose picking very disturbing and traumatizing but I still do it anyway.
10) Most of my day involves thinking about, planning around or engaging in my nose picking activities.

11) Whenever I see someone else picking t
heir nose I get the intense urge to start picking my own.
19) I have been in the company of others who along with myself engaged in a gr
oup picking.

To let you guys know, I got 17 out of 12 true

And because Many of you wont read a post unless it has pictures, here ya go
Freaken Mr T Kittey. (most of you are under the age of 7 and can't read anyway)

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