Sunday, December 6, 2009

Last night , the UK edition

So....I meet this guy...oooo about a year ago...
Trying to make out with my boyfriend...who now wears more makeup then me.....but that is another post all together

Somewhere between the shot of "liquid ass dumpling" and the pint of Stella, I decided to meh....go out with him
.........I mean...he is british.........and the british are fun! right? by the picture pictured below, forgiving.....
LOOK at the cat. look at the cat! HA! .....i love that picture

Anyway.... conclusion, the british are not as "fun" as depicted, in such films as "European Vacation"
So here is a picture of a peep taking a crap .

1 comment:

  1. Location: houstontownvilleshire
    Attendants:Markus, Baronet of Uncircumcisia, and lady E

    Yea, Verily: merrymaking and tomfoolery...

    Forsooth- poppycock?

    Lo, behold- strolling, downtrodden, to the habadasher.

    English people are homeauxs.

    Glad you had a greeeaaaat time.

    Perhaps instead of a picture of a "pint" you can send a picture of an alligator's bum.

    PS- I LOVE and miss you

    PPS- "boyfriend"?? you mean ex? or once again bf?