Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is your sex life next year, reasons as follows;

A: You think he is an ironic hipster, only to find out after "the deed" he really thinks he is a clown.

B. you get so drunk one night when you go out, you just start following things that sparkle.
C. Date rape

D. No reason behind this one...you are just a skank.


  1. too easy... so muCh to sAy!!

    number one: your current bf (with a haircut,mate)
    number two: fishbowL-san
    number three: no expLaination needed
    number four: YOUr ex, wiThOut Makeup OR Really tight pants Or a Wig

    I Like yOur Very crEative posts.

    YOU so crazy.

    as you can tell i am so good at this, by good i mean good and terrible

  2. what the hell is a fishbowl-san? If you are going to comment, please have an iq higher then a ferret.