Sunday, January 3, 2010

NEw year predictions; men that will fuck you over, as follows

Zang Tsung

He is in an asian coverband of journey, who covers asians who cover journey.

You love his impression of the "donger" so much, that you choose to look over the fact that he has a 2 inch penis.
He dumps you for a chick with bigger boobs,
Moving on;

This is Jean Piere la toilette, Sensitive, cute artist. He dumps you when he starts actually enjoying time with you. "NO" he shouts, "It is SAD BUNNY, No happy bunny! my art is SAD..THE sad BUNNY." "YOu Rape my art You COW!"

Ahh....The Roman Rugby team. You have the time of your life getting passed around like a bong at a stoner party. then, they all dump you when they decide they enjoy having sex with themselves more.
Xander Elis, a yes. sniff...this one will be to hard for you to talk about for some time...... The way you curled his golden ringlets around your finger....the way he smiled....his musk. The fact that he couldn't remember your last name name, or your first, and how he just walked out on the first date...and how you stalked his facebook profile until he blocked you....Sniff
Turns out this one was still in love with his much prettier, skinner, more stylish, smarter, more endowed, richer, nicer, everythinger ex girlfriend.
Enjoy 2010! it is going to be a great year!

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