Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Community college

So, today I have decided to dedicate my blog post to making fun of community college.
It is one of those things that pisses me off...because everyone thinks they are in "real" college...but they are they try to have fraternitys and social clubs....but it dosn't quite work out, because only three people will be in each one...and nobody cares..because it is COMMUNITY COLLEGE.
Anyone can get in !!!!!! my dead ferrett from middle school is already pre approved to take classes..

The people of community college.
 ...All the people pictured below are getting there associates degree in pharmiciducalology or mechanical car manship....and they are all pregnant.
The flowers dont help...
Is it just me, or do they stragitically put all the black people in the back?

Nope not just me.....

Now I am not knocking Community college ...actually that is exactily what I am doing....Anyhoo...I went to community college back in the day...and let me tell you.......
I remember one of my classes had these three girls in the front that wore burkas...I mean...really? There could be Anyone under there, at any time! .."hey..I don't want to go to class today...Ill just put spry granny in this burka and ship her off to class."
the end

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