Tuesday, April 27, 2010


What you see below is Two different galaxy's coming together to form new stars.

Above is another place where stars are born. Combonations of Sulfur, Hydrogen and Oxygen Induce pressure to create(as we assume) stars.

Above is yet another example of a place where stars are born. The only difference is that the stars are born here 10 times faster then in a galaxy.

This is a star dieing, it's death taking billions of years, it will transform into different matter, A Black hole, then into something else, perhaps a intersteller search light, as pictured below.

A black hole powered jet of electrons

or perhaps...

It will become the fuel and center of its own unique galaxy. As picture above

another example of a dieing star.

If you have time, please go to


And check out more images that the Hubble has provided us.

I have a question; , We have been spending so much energy looking for" life on other planets " ...Life somewhere other then planet earth. 

What is life? Is it Birth? Death? procreation? 

I am pretty sure we have found life "out there."
Every nebulae, every galaxy, or star cluster. Every single one, is unique and different. They are born differently, and they die differently. A galaxy decides to combine with another to produce stars. 
Is this not life? 
It is to bad that we can only see 4% of all matter that is out there. It is also to bad that our little brains find it hard to think abstractly. 

I guess the only question now is how do we communicate with a galaxy? 

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