Monday, May 17, 2010

Things I want to punch in the face

1. Hotel Art

2.Shoeless Households. ( my feet smell, and I just got an std from your floor)

3.People at community college trying to get the "real" college experience. (uhum...I wan't to form a study group..i really do...except you are 60 years old, you are a 19 year old drug dealer and you smell like loser.

4.People that went to Rice..All of them.. Toolbags.

5.Ex boyfriends....all of them...toolbags.....(you guys are like nickelback. You may have played good song back in the 90's but are just REALLY annoying)

6. Sex Rehab. Seriously.....What goes on there? Do they feed you crackers and punch you in the face?

7. Work Birthdays. happybirtjoreersmmmm.....* mumble * Mumble * i supposed to celebrate the fatty who works in the corner? You mean the guy hired to pick his nose? ya....I o you didn't know? Ya fattie mc fatterson is your hired nose picker. 30,000 a year well spent! now Buy that nosepickingsunofabitch a  carrot cake! MOAR

8. Bombshell Mcgee

9. Matthew Mcconehheeay

10. Miley cirus's jowels

11. Heidi Mongag ( I had a dream last night that I was her and I let Howard Stern feel me up, I woke my self up with my screams)

12.Kansas. Pointless.

13. White people

14. Boob jobs..awww.....did your surgery make your daddy issues go away? Ya, didn't think so.

15.Guys that are morons, unless you are "googling me" in bed, I don't want to hear about it.

16. School pride. Too much school pride. I went to art school. YOU don't see a flag with a big orgy on my front porch. Nor do I have a Giant shirt that says "broke slut." Do you see a welcome mat with a bottle of wine and an STD on it?  Get your freaken Texas Tech/ Oklahoma University/Lambcrap college memorabilia out of my face. Grow up and get some really hard to pronounce Ikea shit like the rest of us.

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