Monday, June 7, 2010


I am amazed AMAZED at the amount of people who take pictures of their cubicles. ..
It is like...I am in my cubicle looking at you looking at you taking pictures of your cubicle....

the Fuc*ing Fractal of cubical theory.


Lets began shall we? small.......but a year and a half of community college will do that to you .

 Joe the rapist,  1973-1986 (raping years)  called, He wants his chair/interrogation light back.....thanks.

THANKYOU! FOR THE LABELS !!!!I could not see with my eyes that you have piles of work, cocoa and water, stuff you never unpacked from last desk, cell phone planner, calender your dad made you, maps more maps, happy meal toy,birth announcements and sweet baboons.

you must must lead such an exciting life, to take the care and time to label and flickerize this immortal photo of your cubicle.

But really.....a workspace can tell a lot about a person. He is prob an It (ish) guy, (computer/bakcpack.)
The mountain Dew Suggests he hasn't got laid sense that drunk girl freshman college thought he was an older lesbian.
The fact that he used "pimpin" to describe his cubicle scratches out the last suggestion.

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