Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hunt for lovemyself nest

so, I am looking for a new place.

And because I am batshit crazy, of course it is not a normal process...

I have narrowed it down to two options.

1. The angry gays.

- A floral pastel dream scape with many bronzed man sculptures.

No door,
Bead Curtain
The occupants of the house are Angry....Angry gays. They really don't want me to use the kitchen...I am pretty sure they could see the look in my eye...the "i get really drunk and attempt to make spaghetti, then roll around in it like the spaghetti cat merow."

 So...This is me....Pink one or passed out one...both applicable

 Living here....

Moving on.

Rapey Doug.

I walk into his townhouse only to see this on the floor

"What the fuck is this"?(as I give it a little kick)

Rapey Doug

"oh thats my dog barticus" ( or some shit like that)

My best description of  barnicle ( or whatever) is this....but picture it without the head or extremities.

The End 

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