Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Online dating. A tribute.

So about a year ago good very pushy friend of mine suggested that I try on line dating. She met her husband that way, and she was sick of me trying to cuddle with them at night.
So to appease her, me and my other friend made profiles...basically just to shut her up. ....actually just to shut her up.

My first picture was normal...me smiling. blah blah...
but because I didn't want those internet freaks to contact me I had the following gallery after the main picture.

I tagged it ass such:
"Do you like my shoes? I got them at payless for 300$!!"

"whoops, how did that get on there...Oh well can't remove it because my fingers are too fat to reach the delete button."

"This is me! (taking the picture!!)"

Needless to say I won that round. Internet dating Take that!

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