Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So I seem to be talking a lot about my "loveish" life

So last night...Text messages ensue as such.

Man  " so, what time do you want me to pick you up? Miss you!"

Me.  "..."

Man. " Remember? you said you would be home on Tuesday!" I made reservations!"

Me . " as;ldifajworasdf"

Man. " I am leaving my house! see you in 30!"

me " whatevs"

He shows up with flowers, opens the door.

Me " Didn't feel like changing."  * picks nose*   " Been wearing these sweat pants for two days now, why stop the trend? " *  laugh *  *Hick up*  * snort *

We have a pretty good time...I don't know..meh...

So end of the date...drops me off...and asks me if he can come up ...

I reply ... "SURE!"  

 " I need help with my laundry"

I actually have him help me with my laundry...and he leaves.

Now mind you....this guy isn't a tool bag shit show...He is a pretty good looking guy. He is a teacher..not because he needs the money ( good investments or something earlier in life) , has a masters in something...Speaks three languages, wants to take me traveling all over the world.....

NO i say...NO just wash my dam socks.

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