Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last night.
Drunk/ 3 AM 

Lets just call my friend "Juan Octavio Ramores de la cuerpo Fernando"
We were ordering from the drive through at Mcdonalds. 

Mc Donalds Lady: "What do you want? "

Juan Octavio Ramores de la cuerpo Fernando-  "I want french fries and a coke," He turns to me " you?"

Me.: "I want...........ONE OF EVERYTHING "

Mcdonalds lady: ( silence)

Me:( to the Mcdonalds lady)  " WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND?"

Mcdonalds lady ( silence)

Me: " I will take three sweet and sour sauces, fifteen packets of ketchup, a glass of water, a stack of napkins, a salt packet and your hat."

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