Friday, January 7, 2011

my down word spiral into sobriority

first, let me start by saying that I am so hungover I am not even going to spell chech thhis bitch.

What happens when babyotter runs into an ex boyfriend in a bar?

...all together now.

"she thinks its a great idea to drink her face off."

Don't feel pitty for me quiet yet

quite is it quieet ?quiet ,cuite, quite ...ya...its quite? or is that quite...


moving on.

for some reason, my logic is less then par when I am drinking,

I decide to mozy on over to a fresh bar stool to sit , but the stool is not there

...I see this in slow motion...

from the look of horror on my roomates face, to the dissaproving " nowiknowwhywebrokeupdrinkie"look on my exboyfriends face.

I sit  fall on the floor, legs up in the air...I guess not quiet....Dam THERE IT IS AGAIN!! what IS IT quite
quiet quief???

continuing....I guess not ....sitting, more like ....oh some weird yoga position gone wrong on the floor.

My logic continues on....I sit on the floor with an "I meant to do that" look on my face, and start stretching like I am about to run a motherfucking 10 k.

I am pretty I covered the groin/ hamstring to hamstring set.

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