Friday, January 28, 2011

My friend and I went out last night.

We had a server named Kitty....She drew a CAT on our bill.= reason for celebrashon
* side note, when we get drunk, we reach our level of "merowing" plateau  where normal conversing is dismissed and we just start meowing at each other.

btw, this cat is watching you have sex

Anyway, after drinking a tad I decide to meet this guy at a bar called wonder bra, or some shit.

So I head over to water barf..or whatever

Five minutes later I leave.

I walk in, and not only did he confess his love for me, he confessed it 37 times.
-nice third date sucka

So I get home and
I have left over birthday cake

I some how managed to set off the smoke alarm whilst putting my ice cream cake on a plate.

I break the world.

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