Thursday, February 3, 2011

cra crazzzzzzzy

So I have been feeling a little under the weather...

it is cold. I work. I am an otter. A baby one at that.

have been on ONE ONEONEOENONEROI:SEJ R"PSOJ ER:SE 1111111111111111    ONE ONE

Date with this dude.

He texts me last night.

Crazy: "he baby, want to meet up?" 12:30

 "no really lets meet up" 12:31

" I miss you."  12:32

'---Ten more begging texts ensue

"I am outside." 12:45

"the door is locked"12:46

"Door is still locked."12:23 (notice even time was like what the hell ?..screw this, I am out. )

Sixty Seven Messages later.

This man has dealt with mommy issues, named the capitals of all fifty states, texted out a John Grishim Novel.

Ensuing until 6:30 in the morning whereist

I wake up and respond.

"HA! your bat shit crazy"!

Never call a crazy person crazy.

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