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I go to a friends house, who happens to be a photographer to help him sort through some pictures to be published in a local publication, and by that I mean Drink his booze cuss at him and haphazardly fall asleep on a patio chair in the kitchen.

anyway, I go through his pictures and they were...hmm......I am ..trying....to explain with out the use of the word  "glarbletwat"
you know those Assholes that take pictures of their feet at the beach, turn them in for a freshman arts credit project in photography 101 only to be graded by a teacher who's very existence is a glass of scotch away from leaving his family( 1 cat) forever.

ya, not like them .....Glarbletwat!  .....fuck .

Ok, lets put it this way, If you tell me you are a professional photographer and I am somewhat dating you  and you want me to LOOK THROUGH  your pictures I expect you to go out and shoot pictures as such, like so, indubitably
fuck at least pretend to

NOt like this, kind sir

So A little advice to anyone who would like to date me, please delete the 300 pictures of boobies and flaghina before I look at them >stop telling me that those pictures were  as a metaphor for the struggle of AfricababiefightingthehungeIraqinSerbiajinxiecatmalariaPlutoa planet?we all know you just wanted to stare at some Tet Tet's

the end

p.s. he kinda looks like this guy. 

p.p.s. and this one

p.p.s.s what the fuck is wrong with me

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