Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your sex life for the next year as follows (part deaux)

Ah....Kile Kirkland Kramer, You met him at the "sawdust" festival in Laguna Beach. This is the only reminder that you had that one night of .....
" " " " " " pleasure " " " " " " " ' "

psssssssst .....He has a vagina.


You met him at the " jews and brews" networking event your friend dragged you to last weekend.
you thought to yourself....meh......maybe lawyers DO care about justice.

Too bad it ended  one drunken night when you hired him to sue himself.....

Which he did...   and lost.

Moving on;

They mistook your upper lip Jager stain for a mustache.

nuff said.

Met him on a beautiful island in Bali.
He was so cool, and down to earth....laid back.....chill....

Too bad when you got him home to San Diego, he was just a broke, stoner.

Nice Futon

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