Thursday, November 4, 2010


So being the single otter that I am, and after the string of unsuccessful "smarties" that I have dated in the past..I have broken down to date the "hotties"

This is the thing is as if the hotter they get the more retarded they are...

gross...just spilled tuna on my key board.

...even grosser...Ill most likely eat it later. ...who the fuck puts swiss cheese on tuna?

.....I digress.

Not only are these men a ear rape to listen to, I III have to change the manner of which I speak.

For example...if I make a statement, (this actually happened) "Have you seen the new Hubble IMAX? "

Then the guy gets that derp look on his face...Which prompts me to ask, "Do you know what the Hubble is?"

Then, the guy responds "which one?"
Then I respond "which one what?"
Then he says, "The Nevada Hubble?"
I want to respond with a retort to guess what he could be talking about....but I Can't even remotely fathom what in the fucking hell of christ what that would be.


shit....I would sit through a Two hour IMAX about a Corgie that looks like a seal.

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