Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last nigt.....oh you....silly thing...

Last night started out friendly enough.


*side note * see....this is what happens...I have one single glass of vodka and the world decides to fake its own death.

after the said glass, I turn around and of course my ex is there. I specifically went to this place because I KNEW he was not going to be there. maybe he had the same' Idea was simple...Get more booze....yes...yes this will work

I will explain the rest of my night with math

                                                                             PLUS EX BOYFRIEND

                                                               TIMES X EVERYONE LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

                                                                         MINUS MY CONCEPT OF REALITY

                                                                       EQUALS =

                                                                     Walk of shame

 *side note....The walk of shame ended leaving my own home by myself....
I just do it out of habit ....

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