Monday, December 13, 2010

the slow digression of my bad mood

Starts out last night.

I decide to go for a run.
Sounds great.
Would have been great if a. I was dressed warmer and b. I wasn't drunk

Ended up falling on my face.

 Get into bed and turn the heater a roasting 72 degrees. PARDON ME! SIR!

my roomate decides that I am trying to ROAST him AlivE.

and turns the AC ON TO  62 DEGREES. ( mind you, it is 27 degrees outside. )

So I am like...fuck this!

And I turn it down to 60 Degrees.

And he was all like....shit on you you fat ass! as he turns it down to 58 degrees

and I am like oh ya? well I am just going to freeze my ass off all night because I have a blow up bed to sleep on on the floor with only a sheet,  and you have a comfy king size bed with 30 Down blankets, a girlfriend and fifty dogs to sleep with. Take that bioooootch!

well done. i WIN!

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